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Division of Aeronautics

Division of directly managed by CJU -
Division of Aeronautics

Major of Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation, Major of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering, Major of Aviation Service, Major of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


Major of Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation

To train select pilots the global era demands, the Major in Aeronautical Science & Flight Operation offers the following competencies:

First, the cultivation of expertise related to flights based on an understanding of aeronautical science
Second, flight principles and procedures, and a mastery of air traffic control terminology based on the understanding of flight core courses
Third, acquisition of various qualifications that must be attained before becoming a pilot through flight training and training courses.

Major of Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineering

The objective of this major is to cultivate specialists in the fields of aircraft maintenance and design, machine parts, systems design and production, in preparation for the rapid growth in global air traffic demand in the 21st century and demands nationwide. To accomplish these goals, we have developed a curriculum that includes practical education centered on next-generation design techniques such as machine element design, machining tool methods, CAD/CAM, CATIA application design, and applied automatic control engineering, composed of aircraft airframe and engine maintenance practice, aircraft concept design, aviation mechanical design, and aviation industry field practice.