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Division of Theater & Film

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Division of Theater & Film

Major of Directing & Production, Major of Acting


Major of Directing & Production

In response to the trend of convergence and globalization of art, this major is improving creative thinking and international views and skills of art through a wide-range of mutual cultural approach to the whole of art to cultivate globally competitive talent in various art fields such as movies, plays, musicals and music. In this major, we are running the general theory of culture and arts in films, music and plays, and other techniques for production practice, as well as the practice of movies, plays and music for convergence and integration with various academic areas. We also provide an international joint project to develop a global sense. The Film and Theater class which have accumulated 40 years of tradition, focuses the training on the composition and visualization methods of the story, and our music classes that teach various genres of music are aiming at aesthetic inquiry through a musical experience.

Major of Acting

The Theater and Film Department, which has produced numerous talented people since its establishment in 1981, was reorganized into the acting major of the Theater and Film Department, aiming to foster actors who play in various genres, including plays, movies, broadcasting and musicals, through the establishment of a differentiated acting education system in 2019.
Since the establishment of the Department of Theater and Film in 1981, the Cheongju University Major in Theater has continued its 30-year tradition until today. From 2005, the major was divided into the Major in Theater and the Major in Film within the Department of Performing Arts and Film, and in 2018, was reorganized into the Department of Theater and Film.
The acting major want to lead field-based acting education of an international sense.
It has cultivated outstanding talent by supplementing its professional education system and a field-oriented acting education system, which are not limited to one genre. Every year, various programs are prepared to nurture actors with international capabilities to move on in the world.