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Division of Social Sciences

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Division of Social Sciences

Major of Converged Practical Law, Major of Politics & Public Administration, Major of Land Management, Major of Social Welfare & Sociology


Major of Converged Practical Law

About the Major
A hearty welcome to the Major of Integrated Practical Law at Cheongju University!
The Major of Integrated Practical Law has brilliantly developed since the starting of the Department of Law in 1950.
There are currently 9 full-time professors with various practical and academic experiences who are responsible for educating students in this Major.

Educational Objectives
The Major of Integrated Practical Law develops the problem-solving and executive ability related to laws through systematic and various types of legal education and tries to foster and produce legal experts necessary for each field.
The curriculum of the Major is designed to strike a balance between theory and practice to support students in obtaining a quick and accurate grasp of the study of law.

Prospects and Career
Graduates from the Major of Integrated Practical Law may enroll in Law School, or enter a variety of fields in the financial world, private companies, the academic world and/or the legal and public office sectors.

Major of Politics & Public Administration

Based on the intersection between the fields of Political Science and Public Administration, the Major of Political Public Administration grants students multiple opportunities for experience in the operations of multilateral institutions, public agencies, private corporations and other organizations. In addition, students will acquire the appropriate knowledge of Public Administration in order to develop financial, organizational and human resource management skills. Students will also be instructed on Korean, international and comparative political theory, which will aid them to understand core concepts in politics such as international relations, statehood, power, and security. This will enhance their ability to analyze real life political phenomenon and form their own well-educated opinions. We provide education focusing on professional knowledge in politics and Public Administration, cultivating talented individuals who are in demand by both the public and private sectors of modern society.

Major of Land Management

The Major of Land Management focuses on identifying various issues raised by the public or private sectors and fostering people with knowledge and practical skills needed to solve these issues. Cadastral Science is categorized as the basic science for solving the land problem, which is specifically divided into the field of Cadastral Science for land registration, real estate studies including land law, land information and GIS (Geographic Information System), as well as the Cadastral Survey. Therefore, the Major of Land Management focuses on developing the field of Land Management using a Land Information System which responds to the demands of the information age, through research and application to analyze social phenomena based on a well-developed basic theory included in the undergraduate course. After graduating from the Major of Land Management, students will be able to work in the professions of land management, such as public corporations and civil servants. After a Master’s and Doctorate degree course, students can advance to national research institutes or laboratories. Graduates you furthermore be a professor of land management and land-related departments at universities nationwide.

Major of Social Welfare & Sociology

The Major of Social Welfare encompasses:
(1) sociology that systematically understands society; social phenomenon is analyzed through empirical research based on theoretical knowledge; and
(2) social welfare studies that connect and integrate social welfare related professional knowledge and technology, enabling proper application in different fields.

Based on the virtues of Social Welfare, we train professionals that can implement professional knowledge with a sense of duty, connecting it to the practices of Social Welfare. This Major enables students to acquire a national level certification, a 2nd Grade Social Worker. By passing the national examination it is possible to acquire certification as a 1st Social Worker and a 2nd Psychiatric Social Worker. Our program is designed to develop students’ abilities to identify social structures and changes empirically through social perspectives, and to use the knowledge and survey in order to analyze social phenomenon. Students are simultaneously taught to acquire the nationally accredited Social Survey Analyst.