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Division of Tourism & Hotel Management

College of Business -
Division of Tourism & Hotel Management

Major of Tourism & Aviation Management, Major of Hotel & Foodservice Management


Major of Tourism & Aviation Management

The major of Tourism & Aviation Management provides a theoretical foundation as well as practical knowledge about the field of tourism and aviation based on service which is rapidly growing in the 21st century. We emphasize not only the basic values of fundamental and practical studies that are required of tourism & aviation students, but we also emphasize the cultivation of humanity and proper personalities which produce outstanding professionals to be differentiated in the global tourism and international air transport service industry. This major specifically prepares students for their future careers in the fields of travel agencies, airlines, airport services, resorts, MICE industry, event planning, e-tourism service, hotels & casino, food service, tourism related government organization, public corporations and comprehensive tourism businesses. Furthermore, graduates of this major can advance to all areas of business management related to hospitality, tourism and the industry of air transport. Graduates can also move on to lead in the field as an expert and/or global leader with conversant international standards, a rational manner and a sense of mission that is needed to lead the industry.

Major of Hotel & Foodservice Management

The Major of Hotel and Foodservice Management was established in 1989 in order to train hotel and restaurant professionals to enable them to apply a broad base of professional knowledge in restaurants and hotel management. This major focuses on the cultivation of competent hotel and restaurant managers that possess a service mindset imbued with practical, working knowledge.
A quality assurance and audiovisual curriculum for hotel and restaurant services is also in place, enabling students to acquire an even broader service mindset. The Major of Hotel and Foodservice Management effectively teaches students theories and skills in the workplace based on the educational concept of "Usher in the New Era with Practical Study" at Cheongju University. This will ensure that the demands of the times and of the society for trained professionals in the fields of the hotel and restaurant industry will be met.