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Division of Business Administration

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Division of Business Administration

Major of Business Administration, Major of Accounting


Major of Business Administration

The Major in Business Administration is modeled after the corporation, one of the most important organizations in modern society, and the discipline is growing in importance by the day due to economic growth and the rapidly changing corporate landscape.The Major in Business Administration aims to train future professional managers who can manage corporations and other organizations in a rational and scientific manner, and implement increased corporate value by meeting the needs of employees, customers, and stakeholders.According to the trend of corporate environment shifting in favor of globalization, informatization, and localization, the Major in Business Administration intends to achieve these trends by setting the educational goal of cultivating future professional managers by

Major of Accounting

The College of Business Administration of Cheongju University, Major in Accounting was established in 1977. The long tradition and history of the College of Business Administration, Major in Accounting has created a curriculum that covers various subjects such as financial accounting, administrative accounting, tax accounting, non-for-profit accounting, and capital markets, enabling graduates to work in various types of organizations in society. We also educate students to equip them with practical skills that can be immediately applied in the industry, and offer major courses in Korean and English to better cultivate accountants withinternational acumen. We offer the Major in Accounting at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. Graduates from the Major in Accounting are employed in the field as accounting professionals in organizations such as corporations, accounting firms, financial agencies, government, the National Tax Service, and colleges.