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Division of Health Administration & Healthcare

College of Health and Medical Science -
Division of Health Administration & Healthcare

Major of Sports Health Rehabilitation, Major of Health Administration


Major of Sports Health Rehabilitation

The Major of Sports Health Rehabilitation is a study of advanced discipline that combines sports science and medicine. In our majors we educate the general health promotion method through exercises and exercise prescription methods which help to prevent and treat musculoskeletal diseases and geriatric diseases. In addition, professors, including medical doctors and national sports players, operate this major to study and guide the best-personalized exercise methods for enhancing individual physical health, fitness, and sports rehabilitation from deconditioned states.
Students will be trained in the fields of anatomy, physiology, pathology, weight training, fitness exercises, martial arts exercises, rehabilitation medicine, and geriatric medicine to foster experts in sports, health, and rehabilitation fields. Our major also operates advanced exercise spaces similar to physical training centers. Through our curriculum and facilities, we are establishing education infrastructure to experts leading the healthcare industry, which is the core of the 4th industrial age.

Major of Health Administration

The Major of Health Administration researches scientific and rational management strategies in various healthcare related organizations such as medical institutions, and public institutions, and cultivates professional staff to manage health administration, medical information management, and management research. We became the first of the 4-year universities in Chungcheongbuk-do to establish a Department of Healthcare Management in 2010, and in 2018 the name of the major was changed to the Major of Health Administration.
Recently, medical institutions tend to either strategically and gradually enlarge and integrate their organization or specialize in one medical field, increasing the demand for excellent human resources with expertise in line with the development direction and management strategy of each medical institution.
Graduates are involved in health administration and business management tasks, medical information management, and policy research at top-tier General Hospitals, National University Hospitals, and National Institutes. In 2014 and 2015, the major was selected as the best department to work for in the school for two years running.